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London Duathlon descends on Richmond Park

The London Duathlon took place yesterday (3 September) in Richmond Park.

The event, which was hosted by LimeLight Sports Club, saw around 2,000 people attend.

The race is regarded as one of the world's biggest and most popular duathlons, with participants from a range of experience levels.

As well as the picturesque surroundings provided by London's largest Royal Park, one of the main attractions of the London Duathlon is the chance to enjoy racing on a closed route.

The event is one of only

Plans proposed to build 5G mast next to Old Deer Park

Plans to build a 15-metre high 5G mast next to Old Deer Park in Richmond have been put forward to Richmond Council.

Cignal Infrastructure Limited UK has applied for planning permission for the communications mast on Twickenham Road.

If approved, the scheme would see the communication pole and associated equipment installed on a grass verge next to Pools on the Park.

In its application the Reading-based firm said is it "committed to providing improved network coverage and capacity", mainly in

25th Twickenham violence against women vigil to take place on Monday

The 25th Twickenham vigil to raise awareness of violence against women and girls will take place on Monday.

The vigil, organised by The Women's Equality Party, will take place at 6pm on Monday 4 September at the Amelie Delagrange memorial bench on Twickenham Green (on the left hand side of the Green as you head away from Twickenham High Street).

Amelie Delagrange was murdered by Levi Bellfield whilst walking home across Twickenham Green, in 2004.

Bellifield has been convicted of murdering Ame

Ham residents furious after three weeks of no postal deliveries

Residents in Ham are furious after not receiving any Royal Mail post for three weeks.

Residents, specifically in the Ashburn Road, Woodville Road and Riverside Drive areas, have not been getting their post, including hospital letters and cards, for the past three weeks.

Residents in Ham had a similar problem at Christmas, which left them without post for two months.

It is thought that it is due to staff shortages, however, residents and councillors have not had an official response from The R

ULEZ must be a start to cleaner air in Richmond says asthma sufferer

A local resident of Richmond, who suffers from asthma, says that ULEZ must be a 'start of a comprehensive approach to air quality both from the borough and more broadly across London.'

The ULEZ expansion came into force yesterday (29 August) to include outer London boroughs, such as Richmond,and while it is a controversial scheme for many, those who live with the lasting effects of pollution every day welcome it.

The scheme aims to improve the air quality in London by reducing the number of th

Women's football in Richmond: A lack of pitches, floodlights and financial disparity

Following the success of the Lionesses in the Women's Football World Cup there has been an increase of women and girls wishing to play football in Richmond, however, there is concern that there will not be enough suitable football pitches and funding to support this.

The Lionesses reached the final of the Women's World Cup after beating Australia in the semi-finals but were beaten by Spain in the final.

Louise Roberts, volunteers as the only female member on the board at Richmond and Kew FC, a

Telephone kiosk on the market for £35,000 in Twickenham

A telephone kiosk, in Twickenham has been put on the market for £35,000.

The telephone kiosk, which is situated outside Santandar on King Street, is being marketed by commercial property agent BidX1.

The telephone kiosk which is a listed "K6" red phone box or "Jubilee" kiosk, commemorating the Silver Jubilee of the coronation of King George V, already has the planning permission for retail use.

The completion will take place within one week of sale and the kiosk is currently producing £3,600

Elderly residents concerned that Hampton Square Boots will be hit by closures

Residents in Hampton are concerned that the Hampton Square Boots Branch will be hit by closures.

In June Boots announced plans to close 300 of its stores across the UK to 'consolidate a number of stores in close proximity to each other'.

Cllr Geoffery Samuel, for Hampton North, said: "The ward I represent has a large number of elderly people and it is a great worry for some of the elderly and ill people that the store may close

"For most in the area the small Boots on Hampton Square is walkab

Science staff launch campaign against Kew Herbarium move

Science staff at Kew Herbarium are campaigning against trustees' plans to relocate the Herbarium to a site near Reading.

The cost of this move is estimated at between £50-100 million, according to campaigners.

Kew Herbarium hosts one of the world's largest herbarium collections, with about 7 million specimens collected over centuries of exploration, which are studied by staff and students, as well as by hundreds of visiting national and international researchers each year.

Kew gardens propose

Students across Richmond celebrate 'outstanding' GCSE results

Students across the borough received their GCSE results today (24 August).

Nationally, pass rates have fallen for the second year running with 68.2% of all grades marked at grades 4/C and above.

In London, 72.6% of students were awarded grades at 4/C or above.

Schools across Twickenham and Richmond have shared their excellent results.

Students performed superbly well in all subjects, with 71% of students at Twickenham School passing the core subjects of English and Maths.

This is the highes

Richmond ranks as seventh healthiest area in study

Richmond upon Thames has ranked as the seventh healthiest area in a recent study.

The study, carried out by a health and wellness expert at assessed various UK local authorities, government districts, boroughs, and counties.

The rankings were based on analysis of 12 criteria: air quality (PM2.5 concentration), adult smoking rates, alcohol misuse, the prevalence of cancer, diabetes, drug misuse, healthy eating habits, high blood pressure, kidney and liver diseases, a

UPDATE: Cause of fire at Twickenham restaurant unknown as emergency service remain on scene

Emergency services are currently at the scene of a fire at a popular Twickenham restaurant.

York Street, in Twickenham, was closed this afternoon due to a fire at Locanda Luna Ristorante.

The Fire Brigade was called at 12:17PM and the fire was bought under control by 2:22pm.

Four fire engines and around 25 firefighters tackled the fire with crews from Twickenham, Richmond, Heston and Hayes fire stations have been in attendance.

The cause of the fire is unknown at this time.

A representative

Local community gather to oppose SWR ticket office closures at Mortlake Station

Members of the public, local leaders and activists gathered at Mortlake station yesterday evening to oppose planned ticket office closures and reductions in staffing hours.

Mortlake station is currently staffed seven days a week but under South Western Railways proposal it will have its staffing hours cut, with no staff present on Friday and Saturday, only a token presence on Sunday morning and all evening hours cut.

This is part of wider proposals from SWR to close ticket offices and cut staf

Building home to popular Richmond shop put on the market for £5.5m

A commercial building, in Richmond, home to Oliver Bonas, has been put on the market for £5,500,000.

9-10 George Street is being marketed by commercial property agency Whoozoo.

The high street building is home to lifestyle store Oliver Bonas and also has six new residential flats on the upper floor.

The upper parts (first to third floors) include recently developed residential accommodation providing a two-bed, one-bed and study and four one-bed apartments.

It has recently been redeveloped t

Baby goes home after 75 days in NICU

A baby who was born three months early has gone home after 75 days in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Baby Coralie was born on 24 May, at 28 weeks, via emergency C-section, weighing only 748 grams,.

Following a 20 week scan at West Middlesex University Hospital (a part of Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust), it was discovered that the baby was in the bottom 1% for size at that stage of gestation.

Annie was transferred to the Trust's other site, Chelsea a

A Level Results: Students across the borough celebrate achievements

Students across the borough received their A-level results today (August 17).

Nationally, the proportion of A or A* grades is 27.2% which is down from a peak of 44.8% during the pandemic.

According to UCAS, 79% of those receiving results gained a place at their first choice university.

Schools across Twickenham and Richmond, such as those listed below, have shared their excellent results.

Sixth form students at Orleans Park achieved 72% A*/B grades and 38% A*/A grades across all subjects, wh


'It's not okay to play out sexual fetish': MP calls for age limit on family event hosted by trans artist with 'nappy fetish'

'It's not okay to play out sexual fetish': MP calls for age limit on family event hosted by trans artist with 'nappy fetish'

MP Miriam Cates has critcised Sheffield City Council for planning to host family friendly event hosted by trans artist with 'diaper fetish'.

The event is due to take place on the 27th of February at Sheffield Central Library and is listed for "teens, adults and families."

Following concern from members of the public, Miriam Cates, Conservative MP for Penistone and Stock

James O'Brien brands Boris Johnson 'a bare faced liar' after NI protocol remarks

James O'Brien says this is "the most compelling evidence" that Boris Johnson is a "bare-faced liar".

His comments follow issues surrounding the Northern Ireland (NI) Protocol, which was introduced after the UK left the EU. The NI Protocol was part of the Brexit deal negotiated by former-Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2019.

James O'Brien said: "He lies about anything, he jeopardises the actual peace process in order to massage his own ego or secure some form of short-term political gratificati

Caller tells Shelagh Fogarty he wants Russia to win the war

Caller tells Shelagh Fogarty he wants Russia to win the war

This caller told Shelagh Fogarty that he wants Russia to win the war because he believes "if they win the war, all of this will come to an end".

This follows Putin's annual speech and Biden's address in Poland to mark one year since the start of the Ukraine war, this week.

The caller said: "I'm in support of Russia, to be honest, I want them to win the war, I think if they win the war all of this will come to an end, I don't think Ru

'This is a rules based society': Caller slams 'entitled parent' who asked passenger to swap seats with her kid

'This is a rules based society': Caller slams 'entitled parent' who asked passenger to swap seats with her kid

This caller said a woman was 'right' to make a child move seats on a plane.

In a debate with Nick Ferrari at Breakfast on LBC about whether a 22-year-old solo traveler was right to ask a child to move from the window seat she had booked on a plane, Richard in Wilmslow said that the woman was "absolutely right."

The child's Father suggested that the woman should sit in the aisle seat

Citizens Advice boss says 'something needs to change' in private rental sector

Citizens Advice boss says 'something needs to change' in private rental sector

Nick Ferrari spoke to Citizens Advice boss after it has been found that 1.6 million children live in mouldy and damp homes.

This discussion comes following a survey done by Citizens Advice that found more than half of private renters in England, including 1.6 million children, are living in excessively cold, damp or mouldy homes.

The head of policy at Citizens Advice, Morgan Wild, told Nick Ferrari at Breakfast on

James O'Brien slams Tory MPs for 'compromising' Northern Ireland's prospects with Protocol Bill

James O'Brien calls out Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg, and Bernard Jenkin for backing the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill.

James O'Brien hit out at Tory MPs following suggestions that a new Brexit deal relating to Northern Ireland could be announced as early as next week.

Former PM Boris Johnson, who negotiated the current deal, has put pressure on Rishi Sunak warning that it would be a "great mistake" to drop the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill in favour of a new Brexit deal.

James said: "I'm

Caller slams police for giving 'more fuel to the fire' in Nicola Bulley case

Caller slams police for giving 'more fuel to the fire' in Nicola Bulley case

This caller believes that by responding to internet trolls or 'armchair detectives' Lancashire Police have "given more fuel to the fire".

This comes after Lancashire Police vowed to clamp down on 'armchair detectives' who have taken it upon themselves to intervene in the investigation of Nicola Bulley's disappearance.

The caller said: "I'm not going to trash the police investigation because I don't know how it's goin

'Its beyond parody': James O'Brien responds to Liz Truss' 4000 word essay

'Its beyond parody': James O'Brien responds to Liz Truss' 4000 word essay

James O'Brien has responded to Liz Truss' 4000 words of "turgid self-justification and delusion" on her time as PM.

James O'Brien has labelled Liz Truss' 4,000 word essay in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph "a fair summation of who she blames for the fact that the budget she introduced bought Britain to it's knees".

James added: "That's not an opinion, that's count her and Kwasi Kwartang bought Britain to it's knees."

He t

Ex-nurse insists NHS should never have the right to strike

Ex-nurse insists NHS should never have the right to strike

Shelagh Fogarty spoke to an ex-nurse who disagrees with the ongoing nursing strikes.

The caller said: "I do not agree we should strike ever, we are a caregiving service and we should have never had the right to strike."

Jane, from Stockport, said she had been a nurse for her whole career and left the job 10 years ago.

This call comes during the first day of nursing and ambulance strikes this February. Further strikes are scheduled fo

South West Londoner

The Facebook groups tackling London's loneliness

Londoners are more likely than other people in the UK to be affected by severe forms of loneliness, but there are Facebook groups trying to tackle that.

Findings of The Reconceptualising Loneliness in London Report found that 700,000 people in the capital feel lonely most or all of the time.

The report also found that whilst overall 8% of Londoners experienced severe loneliness, this percentage rises to 12% for young Londoners, 18% for low-income Londoners, and 15% for LGBTQ+ Londoners.


Holocaust Memorial Day 2023: events across South East London

Events are to be held across south east London on Friday 27 January to mark Holocaust Memorial Day 2023.

This year, the theme of the day is ordinary people, recognising how ordinary people were involved in all aspects of the Holocaust and to encourage us to think about how ordinary people can play a big part in challenging prejudice today.

On the 27 January, the Mayor of Lewisham, Damien Egan will light a candle in the council chamber to mark the day.

Residents are welcome to light a candle a

Greggs to open in Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is set to welcome London’s first Greggs airport store this summer.

The store will be situated in South Terminal arrivals and will provide passengers with all of Greggs’ famous pastries, breakfast items, sandwiches and coffee.

Pam McCarthy, Director of Retail at Gatwick Airport said: “Greggs will be a fantastic addition to the South Terminal at Gatwick, providing arriving passengers with a great taste of Britain, or a warm ‘welcome home’.”

“Situated immediately opposite the arr

Wimbledon Magistrates Court lists 462 cases in one day

More than 450 cases were listed to be heard today at Wimbledon Magistrates Court, a figure much higher than is normally seen.

A total of 462 cases were listed to be heard in Court 6 at Wimbledon Magistrates Court on the day, with allegations dating as far back as 1994, according to Evening Standard reporter Tristan Kirk.

The cases listed include a huge variety of crimes, including the case of a man who was accused of stealing a £14 drill bit and a “drive off” from a petrol station in Neasden,

Richmond Council opens warm youth warm spaces

Warm spaces are to be provided to young people across the borough of Richmond this winter.

Richmond Youth Service will provide warm spaces where young people will be able to do their homework and take part in activities in safe and warm areas.

The activities include things such as sports sessions, street dance, art, cooking and gaming. They will also be provided with free nutritious cooked meals.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the organisation has been delivering food parcels and cookin

Gatwick Airport warns residents to be responsible with drones

Gatwick Airport has issued advice to nearby residents who may receive drones as a gift this Christmas.

The airport have urged people to ‘drone responsibly’ and have urged people to check the rules and restrictions for where they can fly their drones after GQ Magazine featured drones as one of the 61 top technology gadgets for Christmas.

Graham Alder, the Head of Aerodrome at Gatwick Airport said: “Drones are great fun and can be fantastic bits of kit for a whole range of activities, and we wan

Feltham residents fury over council development plans

Feltham residents are fighting to save green belt land from a council’s warehouse development plans.

Hounslow Council’s Local Plan proposes the development of an airport business park on 100 hundred football fields worth of green belt land in Bedfont Village, Feltham.

The plans seek to develop an airport business park because of the need for additional industrial floorspace near Heathrow airport.

Insurance worker Clare Obeng, 48, who has been a resident of Bedfont for 17 years, started the Fr

Calls for improved CCTV on London's public transport to keep women safe

Campaigners are calling for CCTV systems on London’s public transport to be improved to help keep women safe on public transport.

Zan Moon, women’s rights campaigner and founder of ‘Screengrabthem’, a movement which tackles rape culture within schools has criticised the way that Transport for London has dealt with sexual harassment on its transport, labelling TfL ‘the ultimate hotbed of harassment’.

A major issue that Moon highlighted is that there is no CCTV system in place on the Central Lin

Taylor Swift 'Midnights' Review

The album features 13 tracks, mainly co-written with Jack Antonoff, who has worked with Swift several times before, but in a ‘chaotic’ 3 am surprise, the popstar released an expanded version titled Midnights (3 am Edition).

The 3 am edition features seven new tracks, described as the other songs that were written on the journey to find the magical 13 that feature on the original album.

The album has a mature synthy pop sound, reminiscent of 1989, Reputation and Lover but with a hint of the sto

'A government in waiting': south east London MPs react to Liz Truss' resignation

MPs across south east London have shown a mixture of reactions to Liz Truss’ resignation yesterday.

Truss announced her resignation only 45 days into her premiership, crowning her the shortest-serving prime minister in British history.

A leadership contest will take place within a week, with a new leader to be announced by next Friday.

Rishi Sunak, Boris Johnson and Penny Mordaunt are the predicted front runners.

Labour are overwhelmingly calling for a general election whilst Conservative MP

Hackney Council Launch venue accreditation scheme

Hackney Council has launched a new venue accreditation scheme to help tackle issues such as hate crime, pickpocketing, and women and girls’ safety.

The venue accreditation scheme will offer licensed venues throughout Hackney free safety training and guidance, with the hope that this will provide staff with knowledge and skills that can create safer venues.

The scheme is part of a wider council strategy to promote safety on nights out called ‘Hackney Nights’.

Hackney councillor Susan Fajana-Th

Richmond Council hosts events for national Clean and Green Week

Richmond Council hosted a number of events to support a national Clean and Green Week to tackle climate change.

Habitats and Heritage worked with Richmond Council to create a weeks worth of events from 24 September to 2 October.

The South West London charity aims to show the community how protecting the environment can be fun and convenient through activities.

Chief executive of Habitats and Heritage Colin Cooper said: “It is important to clean up litter, especially close to rivers where it c

Strawberry Hill House Hosts Sustainable Flower Festival

Strawberry Hill House is hosting its fourth annual flower festival this weekend, promoting floristry sustainability.

Taking place from today until Sunday, the festival is set within Twickenham’s gothic Strawberry Hill House and showcases the best of British-grown flowers, foam-free sustainable floristry and the design creativity of the UK’s leading floral designers.

Sponsored by Savills Teddington, the flower festival will be produced for the first time in association with Flowers from the Far

The Everyday Magazine

The Rise of the Content Creator - I Miss The Innocent Days of Zoella —

My teenage years are bookmarked by Youtube. I would spend hours after school everyday watching ‘What’s in my Handbag’ and the most random challenge videos. I remember defending Zoella to everyone I met. It felt like a constant battle where I was belittled for liking the videos that brought so much positivity to my teenage years. I liked it because it felt off-the-cuff; natural and innocent. It was people having fun, sharing their lives and talking about the things they were passionate about. You

A Love Letter to Reading

Has your relationship with reading fluctuated over time? Mine, too. If I think back throughout my life, throughout my childhood, my teenage years, and now my university years, one thing has always been constant. The beige pages of a book have always been there, sometimes as a world to escape to, sometimes as something I miss, and sometimes as something that felt a million miles away nevertheless, though there was always a story ready for me to escape into.

As a child, my local library was where

Ingrained: Why Are We Trained to Feel Fear Walking Home? —

I originally wrote this on the 14th of March 2021. It was a stream of thoughts that I wanted to write down after *that week*. I spent *that week* refreshing my journalism Twitter feed, just hoping that maybe the next refresh would reward me with good news and the headline everyone wanted to see. It never came though. Collectively we grieved, for Sarah and all the others. For our sisters, our mothers, our neighbours, our teachers. It's important we carry on this conversation and not let it fizzle

Losing Friends Along the Way —

The first thing that sprung to my mind whilst brainstorming for this piece was Ed Sheeran’s song ‘Castle on a Hill’. One of the verses fits perfectly with my experiences with friendships as I have grown up:

One works down by the coast

One had two kids, but lives alone

One's already on his second wife

One's just barely getting by, but

And I can't wait to go home’

I’m lucky enough to have maintained long and strong friendships, still being friends with four amazing girls that I went to prima

The Effect of Lockdown on the Elderly —

Imagine an elderly couple. They’ve been married sixty-odd years, they live in a bungalow, where they've lived forever. Their day consists of reading the paper, putting the rubbish out, taking their medicine and waiting to hear their loved ones pull into the driveway. But suddenly on the 16th of March, one of those things slipped away.

They realise they won’t be able to see their loved ones anymore. Now, their days will just consist of reading the paper, putting the rubbish out and taking their